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Laser Hair Removal Gold Coast

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Laser Hair Removal Gold Coast


Laser hair removal Gold Coast, the combination of words itself sounds appealing. The Australian city, of Gold Coast is always known for its marine beauty. The endless beaches golden attract tourists from around the globe. On similar lines the Laser Hair removal gold coast creates an impressive soothing impact. The laser treatment leaves the customer with the same bliss as the ocean breeze. Readers! Welcome to the review on Laser Hair Removal Gold Coast that assures you a useful study.


Removing Unwanted Hair


Spiking growth of hair on the skin is definitely that many don’t like to have. The lure for smooth skin is universal. There are various techniques, practiced from ages to get rid of this unwanted hair. Shaving is of course the age old methods. The invention of hair removing creams brought a huge relief to the process. Though a simpler and painless process it has serious side effects on skin. The recent revolution of laser techniques to remove unwanted hair has turned the tables.


Laser Hair Removing Technology:


Laser hair removal Gold Coast works on the principle of destroying the hair follicle. The pulses of laser light are used to burn the root of hair and thus remove the hair. This technique just not removes hair but also stops further hair growth. The process is been tested clinically and approved by the dermatology community.


The principle of Selective Photothermolysis (SPTL) is used with specific wavelength and pulse of the laser. The correct combination of the two should create a laser light that can destroy the follicle. The effect should be so precise that the surrounding tissue should remain untouched. The laser causes localized damage to the melanin placed at the follicle of the hair. Dark objects absorb light and so laser is absorbed by the melanin of the hair. The melanin is also the dark target object or the chromophore.


Melanin the Dark target


Melanin gives the skin and hair their color. There are two types of melanin Eumelanin and Pheomelanin. Eumelanin gives brown or black color to hair. Pheomelanin gives red or blonde color. For the characteristics of melanin, laser hair removal Gold Coast works best for dark colored hair. The best combination for hair removal is black hair color and light skin color. The dark colored skin can also be treated for the treatment using the latest technologies.


Laser Hair Removal Gold Coast are Famous because…


Laser Hair Removal Gold Coast has gained popularity for two reasons. First is the speed, i.e. it removes hair much faster than any other method. The second reason is the efficiency. The laser treatment assures approximately permanent hair removal. Though the result varies for different people, but the consumer can definitely experience hairless skin for longer time. The use of correct devices, laser intensity, the operator skills are the deciding factors of this treatment.




Types of Laser Hair Removal Gold Coast lasers


The various types of Laser Hair Removal Gold Coast are Diode, Alexandrite, Ruby and IPL. Every treatment is an improved version of the later and ensures safe hair removal. The practices are approved medically and are used universally along with Gold Coast.


Diode: Most preferred and recent Laser Hair Removal Gold Coast technique is what diode is rated. The various diodes used for the treatment are SLP 1000, F1 Diode, Light Sheer, MeDioStar, LaserLite, Epistar and Apex 800. Wavelength of the laser emitted from the diode laser is comparatively longer.  The wavelength of this laser ranges between 800 nm to 810 nm. Longer wavelength implies deeper penetration and safe hair removal.


Alexandrite: The Alexandrite method of Laser Hair Removal Gold Coast includes system like GentleLASE, Apogee, and EpiTouch Plus. The laser treatment works of beam of shorter wavelength (i.e. 755 nm).


Ruby: The Ruby method of hair removal uses RubyStar and Palomar E2000. The wavelength of this laser beam is shortest of the other methods (i.e. 655 nm).


Nd: Yag: The Nd:Yag hair removal method uses CoolGlide, Medlite IV, Varia, Athos, Lyra. The laser been has the longest wavelength (1064 nm). It can be used for all skin types and assures safer treatment.


IPL: It stands for Intense Pulsed Light. This is monochromatic, coherent light that has a large range of wavelength. Te wavelength ranges from 500nm to 1200nm. The use of IPL is latest change in the hair removal treatment and is been practiced in many clinics successfully.




Type of skin and the Best of treatment


Skin Type and Hair Color Reaction to Sun Laser Hair Removal Recommended
Very White or Freckled, Red & Blond Hair, Always Burns, Never Tans Diode, Alexandrite, Ruby or IPL
White, Sandy to Brown Hair Usually Burns, Sometimes Tans Diode, Alexandrite, Ruby or IPL
White to Olive, Medium Skin, Brown hair Sometimes Burns, Always Tans Diode or IPL
Brown, Asian skin, Brown or Black hair Rarely Burns Diode or IPL
Dark Brown, Black hair Very Rarely Burns, Moderately Pigmented Diode or Nd:Yag
Black, Black hair, Highly Pigmented Diode or Nd:Yag





Laser Hair Removal Gold Coast is been approved by the dermatology community universally. Though accepted laser treatment has its norms that are different in different countries.



  • It is expected that the clinic providing laser hair removal Gold Coast should be have an insurance, in case of any irreversible damage
  • The device used be an approved machine approved by the quality assurance norms
  • The operation should be certified from a government recognized institute


Best Service Providers for Laser Hair Removal Gold Coast


Gold Coast has best of the laser treatment techniques in Australia. Here we just mention some of the best rated clinics. They are all rated by the clients and ensure best services.


laser hair removal surfers-paradise gold coast ipl

laser hair removal surfers-paradise gold coast ipl

laser hair removal surfers paradise

Body Conscious Laser Clinic: Established in 1996 this laser clinic is rated as one of the best in Gold coast. The devices used here are medically graded and developed in USA. The professionals are skilled with elaborate experience of 10-12 years. They provide laser hair removal Gold Coast using the latest laser technology. I.P.L. laser treatment is used for hair removal.


Just Skyn Beauty Treatment Clinic: The laser hair removal Gold Coast takes pride in revealing about this clinic. They are experts in designing a hair removal package unique to every customer. They use the latest IPL laser hair removal technique for safer and effective skin.  The skilled professionals assure a hazard free and relaxing service.



The Lure is Unstoppable


In the world of cosmetic revolution having a soothing skin is not a revelation. The latest technology in laser hair removal is stepping ahead to provide the best and safest treatment. The review intended to give you the complete and precise picture of the technology. Thank you for reading this review on Laser hair Removal Gold Coast, it was a pleasure presenting you our thoughts.




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