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Buy Amyl Nitrate – Poppers Australia

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Buy Amyl Nitrate and Poppers online in Australia

buy poppers online Australia

We stock a large assortment of Poppers in Australia for you to purchase online

ICS Hair and Beauty is excited to announce that we now have Poppers in stock, for you to purchase online and be sent anywhere in Australia.

Amyl Nitrate is commonly referred to as ‘Poppers’ in the Australian party scene.

What are Poppers and Amyl Nitrate used for?

Poppers are mostly used for homosexuals to enjoy their sex lives at a higher level.

When a Popper is sniffed, your asshole muscles will relax and it becomes easier for your dominant male partner to penetrate you. Many dominant homosexual males request and demand that their submissive partner sniff a popper to make homosexual sex easier and more relaxing. This decreases the risk of faeces and blood staining the bedsheets.

Poppers will also give you a bit of a buzz. It is the Amyl Nitrate ingredient in the poppers that give you the ‘high’.

Our poppers in Stock in Australia

  • Jungle Juice

Buy jungle juice poppers


  • Locker Room

locker room poppers amyl nitrate

  • Rush

rush amyl nitrate australia



  • Blue Boy

buy blue boy poppers australia


  • Hard Ware

hardware poppers gold coast

  • Iron Horse

buy iron horse poppers online in Australia

  • leather cleaners
  • room aromas


Shipping Poppers and Amyl Nitrate in Australia

Free Delivery on all orders over $90. We ship via Australian Post. We can be as discreet as you want in terms of how we do your shipping. Poppers and Amyl Nitrate is legal in Australia and perfectly legal to ship!


Are Poppers legal in Australia?

Yes. Poppers are perfectly legal to sell in Australia. However sniffing Amyl Nitrate to get high and relax your anal sphincter is not legal. What this means is that we are telling you not to sniff our Amyl Nitrate products we sell you, but we are telling you to use them as a room deodorizer or a leather cleaner. got it? We are not selling Amyl Nitrate for you to sniff.

Is Amyl Nitrate safe?

Yes. But do not inhale while under the effects of blood pressure medicine or Viagra or Cialis, as these products combined with the Amyl Nitrate will lower blood pressure even further and you are at risk of fatally-low Blood Pressure.


Buy Amyl Nitrate online Australia

If you have any further questions in regards to buying Amyl Nitrate and Poppers you may email us at [email protected]





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