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Eyelash Extensions Surfers Paradise

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The Best Eyelash Extensions – Surfers Paradise

Did you know Eyelash Extensions have been around since 1916, and were invented in Hollywood from a Director wanting his actresses eyes highlighted, to stand out and shine larger than life! The first fake eyelashes were made with human hair and by a local wig maker.

eyelash extensions surfers paradise

Expect impressive before and after results.

But we have come a long way since 1916 when they were using human hair for eyelash extensions and being made by the local wig maker. ICS Hair & Beauty is at the forefront of eyelash extensions technology around the world. All Beauticians at ICS Beauty salon have been trained by Professional Lash Be Long training representative and also other local Eyelash Extension experts.

We offer Various types of Eyelash Extensions. We can provide temporary eyelashes which are only designed to be worn for a few days at most and are not supposed to be exposed to water and are often ruined when showering or swimming. This glue is not very strong. They are designed as ‘Party lashes’ – Fun Eyelash Extentions

We love doing Eyelash extensions in the Gold Coast. Many customers have wasted their money in Surfers Paradise and the surrounding suburbs as they have found that the Eyelashes only last for 1 week then fall out. This is not normal. You should be getting at least 2 weeks out of your false eyelash. We always make sure we have the best eyelash extensions Technicians the gold coast has to offer. We are more than happy to do your in fills 3 weeks later for half the price of your first treatment. You will be happy to know you are in safe hands at ICS Hair & Beauty.

Eyelash Extensions – Price List Surfers Paradise


eyelashextensions surfers paradise

full set eyelash extensions price surfers paradise

half set eyelash extensions surfers paradise gold coast price

Eyelash extension infills surfers paradise gold coast

eyelash extension removal price surfers paradise gold coast

>>>>>>>>>>>>>PRICES SLASHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We now have the Cheapest Eyelash Extension prices on the gold coast!

Full Set $65

Half Set $35

Infillls $45

Eyelash Extension Removal $20

Advantage of Eyelash Extensions

  • Anyone and everyone can go for the procedure including women who work at home or those who wish to go to a party or even corporate women. Thin eyelashes; thick eyelashes; short eyelashes; nothing matters. As long as you have eyelashes, you can go for this procedure.
  • Eyelash extensions are available for every possible color and you can pick the one that fit your needs.
  • No application of chemicals on your eyes in the procedure.
  • False lashes last one meant for one-time usage. But Eyelash extensions lasts longer and you can wash your face, put on makeup, or even take a bath; nothing affects the eyelashes.

 Some tips for First-timers

  • Be a smart researcher and find the best salon nearby. Make sure the artist performing on your eyes has a license to practice cosmology. Ask him details regarding the type of glue he/she using and if he/she has wide range of lashes for customization. Also, ensure that the artist does not use cluster lashes.
  • Do not apply water on your eyelashes for 24-48 hours or it will get smudgy. Try to keep the sweat away as well. Keep as much moisture away as possible.
  • Control the urge to pull your eyelash extensions or the natural look will cease to exist. You can always professionally remove your cheap Eyelash Extensions.
  • After you take a shower, reshape the extensions using a blow dryer.
  • Do not start to ignore your natural eyelashes and keep them healthy and clean.
  • The best feature about cheap lash Extensions is the versatile range of styles that are available. You can always get a new glamorous style and flaunt amongst your fashion girlfriends.

Permanent Eyelash Extensions – Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Permanent Eyelash Extensions Surfers Paradise is what is becoming more and more popular each day on the Gold Coast and Australia Wide. These Eyelash Extensions are applied with a very strong eyelash extension adhesive. This glue is so strong the Eyelash Extensions Surfers Paradise are expected to last up to 3 weeks time! With Permanent Eyelash Extensions a single fake lash is applied and glued with total precision on to a natural lash. These can be applied either individually or in cluster lashes form.

The glue used in Permanent Eyelash Extensions is so strong that it is actually designed to last as long as until the natural eyelash that the fake lash is glued to falls out! – However someone who uses an oil based makeup remover or has a tendency to rub their eyes will find the bond not last as long.

eyelash extensions surfers paradise

Call us for a friendly chat on 0416 667 689 and see what we can do for you.

History of Eyelash Extensions

At ICS Hair and Beauty we also offer Eyelash – infills pricing, where we replace the lashes that have fallen out for a lesser cost to our customer compared with the price of full set Eyelash Extensions Surfers Paradise.

eyelash extensions surfers paradise

We also offer in-fill packages.

We also offer great pricing on Male Waxing and Spray Tans and.

Please call or TXT us on 0416 667 689 or email us [email protected] for the latest pricing.

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    Hi iam in holidays from NSW and want some eyelash extension done. I have them at the moment but quite a few have fallen out. I just wanted to know if I could get them done tomorrow afternoon and where abouts you are located. Thanks Emma 🙂

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