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Shellac Nails Gold Coast

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Are you after great shellac nails Gold Coast!

ICS hair and beauty salon in the heart of surfers Paradise stocks a wide range of shellac nails Gold Coast. We offer many different brands of shellac nails and always have the latest trending colours in stock.

shellac nails gold coast

We have the latest shellac nails gel colours

Shellac nails are very popular in surfers Paradise as with this latest gel technology in nail polish and nail art, shellac nails surfers Paradise is currently under huge demand in our store.

Shellac nails are well known for their value as they last for many weeks without being damaged or chipped. Some girls are wearing it for up to a month and only return because the new nail growth is beginning to show.

Usually with Gel Nails, a thick formula goo is applied to nails and build up a new surface. This thick gel is then hardened using the UV light, where the hand is placed under it. The nails are then sculptered and smoothed with what appears to be an electric nail file, only then is polish applied to it. This was the ‘in-thing’ until Shellac Nails came along and revolutionised the game.

With Shellac Nails, all these tedious steps are skipped and replaced with the magic formula that does it all. Bottom coat, top coat, wack the hand under the UV light for 10 seconds, then off you go. All done!

A lot of research has been put into Shellac nails gold coast and its technology. For example, CND Shellac Nails have claimed to put 5 years of full-on research into the design and development of its product. ICS Hair and Beauty Surfers Paradise is proud to say that we use their product.

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Please send us either an email or give us a call on 0416 667 689. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have on shellac nails Gold Coast, what we currently have in stock, and what pricing we can do for you?

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    Hi just wondering how much you Shilax nails are as here on holiday thanks

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