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Buy Snail Cream Australia

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Are you an online shop-a-holic? Did you want to buy Snail Cream Australia.

ICS Hair and Beauty is proud to announce we stock the most Korean Snail Cream on the Gold Coast. So much so, it appears we have put the other Korean Cosmetics shop in Surfers Paradise out of Business! This is sad though, they were a great little shop!

Since this has happened in the last few months we have seen a huge influx of customers who were wanting to purchase Korean Cosmetics Australia Gold Coast and Buy Snail Cream Australia.

Our most popular ICS Cosmetic product is the Premium Snail Cream that is freshly imported into our Surfers Paradise Salon.

We have so many of our customers who just can’t stop buying the Korean Snail Cream from us! It truly is Too good of a product! Many customers who buy this online from all around Australia are so impressed with it that they continually write in and tell us how good it is! They don’t stop there, they even let us know how it rivals a cream or product that retails for over 4 times as much!


We recently had a customer (male) turn up to our door and tell us that he used to use SNAIL CREAM in South America 20 years ago, and told us of the wonders it did for him back then. This gentleman was a car mechanic and in his 50’s with slight roseacea, discolouration and redness. He took 2 jars immediately and told us if it is any good he will be back for sure. Not 2 weeks had passed and the man had arrived back, and what do you know… the REDNESS was COMPLETELY GONE!! I was shocked, this stuff worked better than the suspect Before and After Pictures you see on the late night T.V Commercials. 10 more jars he demanded (he was going for a trip away from the Gold Coat for some time) He is one of our many happy clients who like to Buy Snail Cream Australia,

You can pick this up at our SURFERS PARADISE, GOLD COAST STORE!

Buy Snail Cream Australia here or come in the store and get a jar for just $25 each!

Our Premium Snail Cream is often used in conjunction with our facial packages. Try it with our facial packages today!


If you would like to Buy Snail Cream Australia or have any questions please call or TXTus on 0416 667 689 or email us at [email protected]

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