20 Jun June 20, 2014

Get the trendiest shellac nails in surfers paradise

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The beach water can take a hard toll on your nails, and spending every morning neatly filing and reapplying nail polish can be quite hard. The solution? Shellac nails! These are the newest sensation and have captured the fancy of all women – from busy executives to dance trainers in Surfers paradise. A number of nail salons around the world have cropped up that are offering shellac manicures for an increasing number of clientele. There are many nail salons where you can get Shellac nails in surfers paradise to upgrade your manicure to a shellac manicure.

What are Shellac Nails?

Shellac nails is a type of gel manicure. Gel manicure is a type of manicure where a thick gel is applied on the nails and then hardened using ultra violet rays. But shellac nails does not require this procedure, with just two coats applied, dried and finished. This forms an entirely new thick layer on top of your nails and helps you maintain natural looking nails that last longer, and helps keep your nails looking good long after the manicure.

What should I keep in mind about shellac nails?

Shellac nails are aimed at giving a natural look to the nails. These are usually transparent hues, and it is advisable not to apply nail polish over this. However, there are many brands coming out with coloured shellac nails. Moreover, shellac manicure takes a while to dry, so you may spend a little bit of time keeping your hands free. Also shellac manicure can only be carried out at a nail salon.

Having said this, shellac is a relatively hassle free service that ensures you do not have to think about your nails for a long time after you leave the nail salon. No more worrying about chipping nails and wearing out nail polish.

Where can I get Shellac nails in Surfers Paradise?

Almost all nail salons in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast offer shellac manicures. You can visit one of the many nail salons in Caville Avenue mall or check out Surfers Paradise Boulevard. Some of the most famous nail salons are Krishna’s Nail and Beauty Bar and Paradise Beauty. But these are not the only ones. It is safe to say that all nail salons in Surfers Paradise offer the shellac manicure in a variety of colours. You can step into any one of them!

How much do Shellac Nails in Surfers Paradise cost?

The shellac manicure costs a little more than traditional manicures, and hence you might be paying anywhere between $25 to $40 for shellac nails surfers paradise. But as shellac nails last for two to four weeks, the cost is definitely worth it.

Shellac nails are perfect for those who are pressed for time, and can’t find time for repeated visits to nail salons in gold coast. So if you are busy and need your nails to stay perfect for weeks together, shellac nails in surfers paradise, gold coast, is your best bet.

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