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Looking for waxing in Surfers Paradise?

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In the warm sunny climate at Surfers Paradise, who doesn’t want to shed some clothes and show off some skin? But body hair growth can be a discouraging factor. Not to worry, there are plenty of salons for waxing in Surfers Paradise. Such a popular surfing destination can never be without a waxing parlors and beauty salon galore.

What are the different types of waxing

  • Facial waxing – This is a fast and low-pain way of getting rid of hair on the face. Whether you want to shape your eyebrows or get rid of the hair around your lips and at the sides of your face, waxing is a preferred method for many. Facial waxing in Surfers Paradise can be found in just about any beauty salon.
  • Hands, legs, stomach and back – you can choose to wax any part of your body, or all parts – the choice is yours. Most beauty salons will offer the full range of waxing services for you to choose from.
  • Underarm waxing – Underarm waxing in Surfers Paradise needs care and attention as it is a sensitive area with thicker hair. Beauty salons have professionals who can deal with hair growth of any type under the arm.
  • Brazilian and Bikini wax – This is suitable for the more private parts of your body. A full body wax with a Brazilian and bikini wax will ensure you have absolutely no hair anywhere on your body. This is a very popular choice for waxing in Surfers Paradise as many like to dawn on their swim gear and head out to the beach.

Where can I go waxing in Surfers Paradise

Every single beauty salon in Surfers Paradise offers waxing services. Often people like to combine waxing with some other treatment such as eyelash extensions or tanning. You can visit the beauty salons in Caville Avenue, Surfers Paradise Boulevard or Orchid Drive.

How much does waxing in Surfers Paradise cost?

It really depends on which part of your body you intend on waxing. A Brazilian wax costs around $70,  but ICS Hair and Beauty will do it cheaper for you, and a basic bikini wax around $30. If you want a full facial wax, it might cost you around $50, all inclusive. Legs or arms waxing usually costs around $30 – $50.

Why wax instead of shaving

Waxing is the preferred method of hair removal around the world as it keeps hair growth at bay for up to 6 weeks. Shaving and other surface hair removal techniques usually last only a few days at best. Moreover, the hair that grows after waxing is usually thinner and slower to grow. Shaving often leaves a prickly stubble, that shows as ugly marks on the skin. Waxing is a safe method for a more hassle free hair removal experience.

Whether you are heading to the beach for some tanning, or heading out tonight for a night out with the girls, have smooth clean skin that grabs attention wherever you go. So, head out to your nearest beauty salon for waxing in Surfers Paradise.

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