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Facial Surfers Paradise – ICS Hair and Beauty

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Give your skin a tasted of freshness with the Facial Surfers Paradise

Some people believe your personality reflects on your face

The Facial Surfer Paradise provides the best care for your skin. Our team of trained, experienced and certified esthetician will give you the Facial Surfer Paradise style which will leave your skin cheerful and fresh as a new born child’s.

The way in which we treat your skin

Before starting Facial Surfers Paradise experts will have a brief chat with you, to help your experts understand the needs of your skin. Every individual skin type requires a special type of treatment and sometimes a little extra pampering.


After studying your skin well, your skin is first exposed to steam, for that the pores may be allowed to open and breathe.


The facial surfers paradise treatment will include a general clean up with exfoliate that nourish the skin and extract the dead skins. The exfoliating process will include the selection of special Facial Surfers Paradise scrubs according to the skin type. The scrubs will help to clear the dead and old skin and bring out the new fresh skin beneath.


The Facial Surfers Paradise experts will then massage your face and neck with our carefully selected creams, which will hydrate your skin and relax the facial muscles, aiding to tighten loose skin and releasing it off any stress that they may be enduring. Our techniques are unique and will leave not your body but your senses refreshed and energised.

Our experts

Our team consists of well trained professionals who are certified in skin care and understand your skin well. The beauticians are passionate about their work and their experienced hands and touch is sure to make a world of a difference to your face. The Facial Surfer Paradise experts are extremely particular about hygiene and sanitisation. Our experts choose the products to use on the face after adequate research and will ensure that anything that touched your face while getting a Facial Surfers Paradise is of the best quality.

Packages to choose from

The Facial Surfers Paradise has a variety of packages and types of facials that one can choose from. Our range of services will suit everyone’s pocket. So the Facial Surfers Paradise services are the best and cost effective facial services that are available.


Try the other services

We pamper you with a variety of beauty services (body massages, foot massages, manicures and hair treatment) that will guarantee that our customer steps out of our haven feeling refreshed, energised and without doubt younger from both the inside and the outside.  We consider ourselves to be specialists in the nurturing of the body and hair.

Get a clean-up today!

The experts for Facial Surfers Paradise are ready seven days a week to make you feel as fresh and beautiful and a blossoming flower. Get the best at the best rates. All you need to do is email us or pick up the phone and call us. Try the Facial Surfers Paradise today!











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