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Gold Coast Facial – ICS Hair and Beauty Surfers Paradise

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Give your skin the brightness of gold with the Gold Coast Facial

Get what your skin deserves, a Gold Coast Facial

Gold Coast Facial will promise to rejuvenate your tired skin. At the Gold Coast Facial spa, we provide a range of facial services. We provide the oxygen facial, the Collagen Facial, the deep-cleansing Facial, the anti-aging facial, the fruit facial and many more. We have everything to suit your pocket and your skin type.

The experts – Surfers Paradise Facial

We simply just don’t employee a team of beauticians, but have a group of well-trained beauty experts providing the Gold Coast Facial who understand and empathise with your skin problems. Our experts work like magicians and have a quick solution to any skin problem that may be irking you.

cheap facials surfers paradise gold coast

cheap facials surfers paradise gold coast

The products used for the Gold Coast Facial are of top notch quality and highly researched and tested before applying on our customers.

Our cosmetologists will indulge in a brief conversation with the customers, to know a bit about what they expect and about the issues they currently face with their skin. While in conversation some of our most experienced staff will whip up a formula to rid you off all your facial problems.

Menu of Gold Coast Facial offers
  • Anti-aging Facial- The experts conducting the Gold Coast Facials understand the innate desire in humans to stay young forever. We will not disclose much, but hydrating is the key. You must try the Gold Coast Facial to know more.
  • The fruit facial- Natural is the best, the Gold Coast Facial specialists know how to combine the natural gifts from nature and combine it with modern technology to leave you with flawless skin.
  • Deep-cleansing facial- One of most popular Gold Coast Facial services are the deep-cleansing Facial. Sometime we tend to ignore the needs of the skin. The deep-cleansing facial will involve steaming the face, carefully and articulately removing the black heads and dead skin. Massaging the face with hydrating creams and moistures. We assure you will leave us looking a couple of years younger.
  • Oxygen Facial- Here the Gold Coast Facial for oxygen treatment will assist your skin to breathe. Oxygen is a vital part of keeping us healthy, not only in the lungs. We expose your skin to a balanced proportion of oxygen, which the skin is unable to absorb due to the ever increasing levels of pollution and carbon.
  • Treatment for acne- Our Gold Coast Facial experts will balm the face with our special products and mix which will help to rid you off your acne issues.

There are many more facials that one can choose from. If you stand confused we are always there to help and advice you with the best option for your skin.

Facials From Surfer’s Paradise

A human being’s skin is their single largest organ, and it is vitally important to the protection of the body, even more important than the immune system. It fends off disease and dangerous weather, yet it is still vulnerable to a great many problems, ranging from simple blemishes to potentially dangerous infections. With this in mind, it makes sense to take care of your skin, particularly the skin on your face if you want to look your absolute best. There are many ways to take care of the human face’s skin, starting at simply washing your face when you wake up and go to sleep to more complex methods. One of the more complicated methods is the facial. Surfers Paradise Beauty Salon offers facials at great prices, but that begs of the question of what is a facial.

A facial is actually a variety of treatments for the skin of the face, which include elements of steam, extraction, exfoliation, creams, lotions, peels, massage and the ever popular facial mask. The facial mask in particular has its own variations. Each one has its own purpose, ranging from deep cleansing via penetration of the pores to healing acne scars or other forms of hyper pigmentation, to brightening the skin tone to a more pleasing shade of skin color. Some of these procedures are focused on drying or solidifying the face similar to plaster, where as others are intended to remain wet. There are many types of facials and with the great service at Surfers Paradise Beauty Salon, we can do any or all of them based on what you want. Removing the facial mask is simple. It’s generally cleaned off with water, wiping it off with a damp cloth or peeling it off the face by hand. How long it stays on is variable and depends on what type of facial mask it is and the manufacturer’s usage instructions. This procedure can range for anywhere from a few minutes to overnight, and while Surfers Paradise isn’t big on offering slumber parties (sorry!), we do have a wide range of times.

The exact material of a facial mask is quite varied. Some of these products use clay (which has a thicker consistency and will draw out various impurities), different creams that remain damp in order to hydrate and moisten the skin, a paper sheet that’s moistened with liquids, and in a few cases a hybrid of clay and cream that includes special beads for removing dead skin cells from the surface of the face. Facial masks not intended to set usually use warm oil and paraffin wax. Each of these materials has its own uses for specific types of skins (such as oily or dry skin) or to further specific skincare goals (such as moisturizing, cleansing and exfoliating) and Surfers Paradise Beauty Salon covers them all.

So come by and see what we can do for your skin today. We’re always taking appointments, and you’ll be amazed at how great your skin can look and feel.

Speak to us for the next available appointment time.

Our beauticians work passionately to provide you with the best Gold Coast Facial experience with the best rates in the market, are always ready at your service. All you need to do if call us for you next appointment. We eagerly wait to assist you with the best Gold Coast Facial services.



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