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Surfers Paradise Pedicure – ICS Hair and Beauty

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Surfers Paradise Pedicure is sure to take you to a new wave

Walk into our parlour!

Whether it is a facial, a manicure of the Surfers Paradise Pedicure, the salon will assure with an unforgettable experience. We assure you rejuvenating and relaxing pleasures that are sure to excite your senses. We use the best certified and optimum quality products which are clients have no complaints against. The best part is that we provide our services in the most cost effective way.

The Surfers Paradise Pedicure

The Surfers Paradise Pedicure will ensure that you leave our store with the best looking and best feeling feet in town. The word pedicure means improving the appearance of the feet and the toes with a bit of cosmetic help. The Surfers Paradise Pedicure will do exactly that.

The Methodology and expertise

Our expert beauticians providing the Surfers Paradise Pedicure are well trained. We ensure that the dead cells are scrubbed off. We use a mix of essential oils; cream and our secret ingredient to make sure your feet are as good as new.

We always follow the cleaning with a massage. We ensure the pressure points are effectively touched up, to relieve any form of aches and pains that the client will have. The Surfers Paradise Pedicure is well acclaimed for the personal attention to any feet related ailment and we assure a happy and stress free customer.

We practice the highest levels of hygiene. All our master tools for the Surfers Paradise Pedicure are effective sanitized before our client uses it. Fresh towels are always used.

The variety to choose from

The Surfers Paradise Pedicure services will suit everyone’s pocket and time. We pamper your feet from a short 30 minutes routine to even an hour long treatment.  From simply filing your nails to a deluxe pedicure or perhaps a special mask to tend to your feet, the Surfers Paradise Pedicure of any form and duration is a must try!

The importance of keeping your feet clean and shining

Your feet are an extremely important component of your body and deserve as much attention and pampering as other part of your body. Think about it your feet carry the weight of your entire body and actually pillar your stress, so the Surfers Paradise Pedicure will ensure your feet are well vested in the hands on the experts.

It is said that an average active person will have walked at the Earth at least about four times. Your feet are as stressed and tired as you mind may be. The Surfers Paradise Pedicure will ensure your feet as well rested and your every walk will be with a skip.

Try our services

We assure you luxury at a rate that will suit your pocket. Our beauty and hair services are widely appreciated by all our customers. We are open seven days a week. Call us! Or Email us of an appointment that will suit your timings. We will be happy to oblige. The Surfers Paradise Pedicure is something that you will simple not forget!

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