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Laser Hair Removal Gold Coast – Surfers Paradise

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Laser Hair Removal Gold Coast

Are you after affordable Laser Hair Removal Gold Coast? If so, come in for a free consultation with the beauty therapists at ICS Hair and Beauty.

What Laser Hair Removal Gold Coast can expect to do for you?

If you are over your monthly ‘brazilian waxing appointment’ then we suggest you give Laser Hair Removal Gold Coast a go!

IPL and Laser hair removal can remove hair permanently, with only needing one or two touch up sessions yearly once all hair is removed.

You will go in for between 4-12 Laser Hair Removal Gold Coast sessions, spaced 1 month apart consecutively. After each session you will see a marked improvement on the session prior. You will see the hair to become thinner, grow at a lesser volume, and mostly grow back patchy.

 Laser Hair Removal Gold Coast – PRICE LIST FOR IPL Hair Removal


We offer competitive IPL hair removal in Surfers Paradise

IPL Price List:


Underarms – $39

Half leg – $79

Lip – $39

Chin – $39

Back – $59

Chest – $100

Chest & stomach – $150

Back, Neck & shoulders – $200

We also offer discounts on IPL Hair removal packages. Please contact us to see what we can do for you.


Laser Hair Removal Gold Coast

Come in to see how we can remove your hair without the monthly waxing appointments

Laser Tattoo Removal Gold coast Price List:

Laser-tattoo-removal GOLD COAST

Our Q Switched YAG laser can remove some unwanted Tattoos in Surfers Paradise tattoo removal

We also have a Q-switched YAG Laser.

Minimum $39 per session.

$69 per area the size of a standard Business card.

If you would like a quote, or to find out what we can do for your Laser Tattoo removal intentions in Surfers Paradise, please email [email protected]

Preferably attach a picture/pictures of the tattoo in question also. You can also MMS them to 0416667689.



How do I prepare for an IPL or Laser Hair Removal gold Coast Treatment?

You are best to come in for your IPL Hair removal apppointment after you have shaved between 1-3 days before. We do this as the IPL Treatment works a lot better when there is Hair follicle to draw in the energy. Too much hair and you will burn it as if a cigarette lighter or hot iron was applied to it. Not a good smell! – but not only that, the burnt hair will get so hot, that it can burn the nearby skin and do some damage and cause small blistering.

We will soon have an SHR Laser Machine that will be able to remove hair 10 times quicker than an IPL Machine. This SHR Hair removal technology also does not need the clients hair to be ‘pre-shaved’ before a treatment, as the SHR Laser is shot all over the hair and skin at once. It is Scanned over the skin in a rapid-fire way, kind of like an IPL MACHINE GUN, where as the IPL Machine does 1 shot every second or so.

All our staff have been trained by the TGA approved machines manufacturer. We also sell IPL and Laser tattoo removal Machines Gold Coast to other beauty shops locally and interstate.

ipl hair removal gold coast

We have the latest in IPL Machine and RF treatment technology in our Surfers Paradise store.

Who cannot be treated with I.P.L or Laser Hair Removal Gold Coast?

Dark Skinned people, or darker Asian and Indian people are more susceptible to Hypopigmentation or Hyperpigmentation from an IPL Hair removal session.

We can offer to do a free test spot to see how your skin will handle the IPL.

If you have been using Roaccutante or an antibiotic such as Doxycycline, Minocycline you are not to have any form of IPL or LASER TREATMENT at all. YOU WILL BURN EASILY! – This also goes for people who have been using St Johns wort Tea or Supplements in the recent past.


Instructions to follow after a IPL or LASER HAIR REMOVAL GOLD COAST SESSION?

  • Keep out of the sun for a week or so! No sunbeds!
  • Wear suncream with UVA good protection
  • No glycolic or salicylic cosmetics or creams
  • Keep put of Hot baths and showers – lukewarm water only
  • No Sauna visits
  • No swimming. Also no pools or spa baths
  • Do not use deodorant if the underarms are treated
  • No perfumes, cosmetics and highly perfume soaps and lotions.

Do the above until redness subsides and goes away.

If you are interested in removing your unwanted body hair for good, more information or free advice please call 041667689 or email us at [email protected]


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  1. Pundarika says:

    Do you have any special price for underarm+ Brazilian hair removal? If possible i would like to do a session tomorrow (13/11/14). Thank you.

  2. Sarah Tanber says:

    I would like to have my tattoo removed. Ut is about 1cm x 4cm.
    How many sessions are usually required? And how much do they cost?

    Sarah Tanner

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