21 Aug August 21, 2014

Brazilian Wax Gold Coast – ICS Beauty Salon

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Get rid of all the unwanted hair with the Brazilian wax gold coast!


Get sporting your favorite bikini, with the Brazilian wax gold coast treatments. Unwanted pubic hair can be quite a reason for embarrassment of many, leading them to shy away form the bikini. With the Brazilian wax at the ICS hair and beauty, you can get rid of all the unwanted hair in absolutely no time!

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We wont leave you looking like this!

Like many of us, you too might be into the habit of shaving, just to keep clean. However, shaving means re-growth can be quite quick. Getting a wax done ensures that you can stay worry free for at least two to four weeks, depending on your hair growth. With the Brazilian wax gold coast you can get the best in class treatment. Some reasons for you to try the wax are:

  • Better hygiene, easier maintenance.
  • Trained and friendly experts.
  • Fantastic ambience.
  • Best pricing.

Some valuable points before you get started

The idea of Brazilian waxing might be quite painful for some, actually in reality it isn’t as painful you might expect it to be. It is true that various people have varied levels of pain threshold, if your threshold is on the lower side our experts can help you out! If you feel unsure about Brazilian wax gold coast treatment, pop in a painkiller or apply some pain numbing cream.

Having a painkiller or applying a numbing cream prior to your session, helps you desensitize the area. Thus, you can get a better Brazilian wax experience. It is best to avoid a wax, during or just after your cycle. The area is quite sensitive, during those times.

The best wear for your session – Brazilian wax gold coast

If you are signing up for the Brazilian wax gold coast treatment, wearing a loose fitting dress is best recommended. Any tight fitting jeans or pants might turn out to be quite discomforting, for some with highly sensitive skin. Wear a skirt or a loose dress, as you just require taking off your panties for the wax.

Friendly and helpful staffs to cater to your needs!

The experts at work give you the best treatment, making it the most pleasant Brazilian wax gold coast experience. The experts are quite knowledgeable and friendly, to ensure that you do not face the least of discomfort. If you are facing any form of embarrassment, the staff there can get chatty helping you out with every step.

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What would you like?

Enjoy the fantastic ambience!

Hygiene is the chief concern of the ICS hair and beauty, in the Brazilian wax gold coast treatments. All the sheets and towels are periodically refreshed, to ensure you get a fresh set every time. The ambience of the salon is quite warm and pleasant, enabling you to soak into it as you get your wax done.

Get your appointment today!

The service of the professionals are up to par, thus you do not need to wait for a longer time to get your wax done. You can easily get your appointment done over the phone, via a text or even at the website, according to your convenience. If you have any doubts or queries in regard to the Brazilian wax gold coast, you can easily get in touch with them on 0416 667 689, or email for a prompt reply!

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