21 Aug August 21, 2014

ICS Beauty Salon – Brazilian wax Surfers Paradise

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Get flaunting your bikini with the Brazilian wax surfers paradise!


The unwanted hair down below might be quite an embarrassment for you, get rid of them with Brazilian wax surfers paradise! You sure have the perfect bikini body, but the unwanted pubic hair is all that you need to rid, to flaunt it. Getting a Brazilian wax is all that is needed for you, to enjoy the bikini you so want to enjoy.

Brazilian wax Surfers Paradise

For those of you, who are relatively new to the concept of the Brazilian wax surfers paradise, the ICS hair and beauty is here to help you out. Getting a wax done on the sensitive areas might be quite skeptical for some, but it can be quite a thrilling experience. If you are afraid of the pain you think is associated with the procedure, be assured it’s not as much as you think it to be.

Getting your first Brazilian wax!

If you are new to the world of Brazilian wax surfers paradise, knowing some of the useful points might be of some valuable help. Firstly, it is not a good idea to get a wax done during or right after your cycle. Getting your Brazilian wax during those times, might just add to your pain as the area itself stays quite sensitive.

Also, if you are sensitive, taking a painkiller or applying pain numbing creams might turn out to be a better idea. If you are into shaving, you should allow a minimal growth before going for the wax session. Some of the reasons you should try out the Brazilian wax surfers paradise, are as follows:

  • For a better hygiene.
  • Low after treatment maintenance.
  • Trained and friendly experts.
  • Warm ambience.
  • Affordable pricing.

For a better hygiene!

Many decide to go for a clean skin down below, mainly for hygiene issues. After you get the Brazilian wax surfers paradise done, you will surely find it easier to manage, especially during your cycles. Also there isn’t a great deal of after wax maintenance to be carried out, applying a baby oil or baby lotion would just suffice.

Brazilian wax Surfers Paradise

Give your partner a present!

What to wear to the Brazilian wax Surfers Paradise?

If you are planning to go for the Brazilian wax surfers paradise, a loose fitting dress is best recommended. As a tight fitting jeans are known to be quite discomforting, for some. Wearing a skirt or a loose dress, ensures you do not feel any discomfort after the wax.

 Cheap prices – Excellent customer satisfaction!

While you are at the wax, you are sure to get the best of class treatment. The sheets and the towels are refreshed after every session, to maintain the standards of hygiene. Also the staffs look forward to your every need, making sure you do not face the minimum amount of discomfort or uneasiness.

Get your appointment today!

From the pricing point of view, you are sure to get the best rates with the ICS hair and beauty packages. The price of the packages are kept quite affordable, to ensure it stays easy on the pocket. You can easily book an appointment with them on their phone, or at the website itself. If you happen to have any queries regarding Brazilian wax surfers paradise, get in touch with them at 0416 667 689 for a prompt reply!

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