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Beauty Salon Gold Coast

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The one stop for the best in Vanity Fair at the Beauty Salon Gold Coast

About us

The Beauty Salon Gold Coast promises a not only an atmosphere of peace and serenity within the Salon but also within our clients who visit us. The Beauty Salon Gold Coast is well known in the Gold Coast area in Australia. The Salon claims to be associated with wellness and provides a perfect balance between the modern and tradition technology in beauty and therapies associated with beauty.

Beauty Salon Gold Coast

Beauty Salon Gold Coast

Your body is the temple of your soul Beauty Salon Gold Coast

Whether it be a pedicure or a simple foot massage, a facial, clean up, body massage to a hair make over, we do it all at the Beauty Salon Gold Coast. We are proud to create a haven for our esteemed customers and assure them they leave feeling pampered and nurtured. The experienced and trained therapists at the Beauty Salon Gold Coast take it within themselves to make you feel younger and rejuvenated.

Our method operadi

Purification techniques

All our massages at Beauty Salon Gold Coast follow a simple method of increasing the blood circulation, the increase in blood circulation helps to deliver oxygen to the skin and promote internal cleansing. Carefully selected essential oils and aromatic essences are used to make the experience more relaxing and eventful.


At Beauty Salon Gold Coast, It is of utmost importance to understand the needs of our customers. Consultation is an integral part of what we do. Through the Beauty Salon Gold Coast consultancy sessions, our experts recommend and guide you through the treatment best suited, whether it is a Swedish massage, or an aromatherapy or a deep tissue remedial massage.

Beauty Salon Gold Coast

Feel Godlike

The treatment that your body gets is nothing short of making one feel Godlike. The exfoliating scrubs, sprays and creams are selectively handpicked and used as per the skin type and requirements of the skin.

The age old technique

At the Beauty Salon Gold Coast we believe in perfecting the technique of our treatment. Our experts are sent for refresher courses and encourage updating their knowledge with respect to the beauty industry. We are proud to master a balance between contemporary and traditional treatments to achieve the relaxing yet energising experience for our customers. We assure that our customers will step out of our salon with a breath of fresh air and younger appeal to themselves.


We understand your hair and like no one else does. We respect the fact that your hair has a personality in itself, will suffer through mood swings and tormented by the weather. We have sure shot solutions that will be a quick fix for all you hair related issues. Whether it is a particular hair treatment that one is looking for or a glamorous make over. The Beauty Salon Gold Coast was a solution to all your hair related problems.

Come in and pamper your body at the Beauty Salon Gold Coast to experience a feel or a younger rejuvenated you!



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