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Hair Salon Surfers Paradise

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All Body Hair Treatments at Hair Salon Surfers Paradise

Amongst the sandy beaches and sea water, one need not worry about bad hair days as Hair Salons Surfers Paradise host some of the finest boutiques and salons for women.

The Professionals

At Hair Salon Surfers Paradise, the professionals that work are fully qualified for any kind of hair related issue. They possess a keen eye to detect what kind of procedure would fit the person well and they advise and work accordingly.

Hair Salon Surfers Paradise

Hair Salon Surfers Paradise

Hair Treatments

There are various kinds of hair procedures that are available at Hair Salon Surfers Paradise. From getting a massive makeover and hair style change to glowing hair coloring, the ladies at Sur=fers paradise can have it all.

  • Hair Style Change: The salons can give a complete makeover to a women by completely giving a new hair style to the person. It is taken with utmost consideration what kind of style would fit a clientele best.
  • Hair Coloring: There are wide range of modern colors available at disposal of Hair Salon Surfers Paradise. The colors used here do not contain any harmful chemicals that would destroy the hair.
  • Perming or straightening: One could get curly hair locks or straightened long hairs to show off their sense of sophistication and style with the hair treatments from Hair Salon Surfers Paradise.

At Gold Coast, all the women are given a gorgeous hair look that they so richly deserved.

Eyelash Extensions

The hair treatments are not limited to forehead but treatments are also available to get rid of unnecessary smudged mascara and eye makeup that ruin the natural look of the beautiful eyes of a woman.

Eyelash Extensions are offered at Hair Salon Surfers Paradise.

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

  • Eyelash Extensions are not restricted to any particular sector of women and any women can avail them.
  • The wide range of color effects available for eyelash extensions have made them popular among ladies.
  • There is no usage of any harmful chemicals.
  • Lasts longer than fake eyelashes.


Waxing is another hair procedures which have caught the fancy of people of Surfers Paradise. After all, everyone needs a beach body in the warm beach region of Australia.

Waxing or Shaving

  • Waxing is the best method as its effects last longer.
  • Hair grown after waxing is comparatively at a slower rate as compared to shaving.
  • Waxing is much safer as compared to shaving.

Types of waxing Available at Hair Salon Surfers Paradise

  • Facial waxing: This is used for removal of unnecessary hair on the moneymakers- the face. It is done with utmost precision in these salons and careful technique.
  • Underarm waxing: This procedure is used to remove the thick hair growth under the arms. It is done with utmost care and attention as it is a sensitive area and wrong process can damage the skin.
  • Brazilian and Bikini wax: This kind of waxing is done for the private parts of a body and is preferred by those who wish to show off their completely hairless bodies at beaches. Very popular among folks in Gold Coast.

Best Hair Treatments in Surfers Paradise

One of the best salons for all kinds of hair treatments in Surfers Paradise is ICS Hair and Beauty Salon. It provides healthy treatments done by skilled professionals at a very reasonable rates. Home Services are also provided by the salons and is also well equipped with extensive range of best of hair products.

Contact ICS Now

You can reach ICS Hair and Beauty salon and book your appointment or ask a query simply by dialing 0416 667 689. They will answer all your questions regarding Hair Salon Surfers Paradise.


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