30 Aug August 30, 2014

Surfers Paradise Manicure- Pamper Yourself

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                           Surfers Paradise Manicure- Pamper Yourself


Welcome to the world of Surfers paradise manicure! If you are on the lookout for luxurious pedicure and manicure sessions with a reasonable budget, then you have chosen the right place. Surfers paradise manicure is copious with beauty salons and spas which are well- equipped in catering to all kinds of clients and their requirements.

The winter is slowing ebbing away and the Spring is almost about to swing in full bloom. So, it’s high time you removed your gloves and started displaying your nails. However, are your nails in the right shape for exposure? In case, they are in fit enough for display there is nothing to worry about! We, at Surfers paradise manicure are there to help you out!

Surfers Paradise Manicure

There are options galore at Surfers paradise manicure for you to choose from. Also, the numerous salons and spas out there offer their clients varieties of treatments. Our spas have trainer personnel who are capable enough in giving pampering treatment to your nails. Once you visit Surfers paradise manicure, your nails would be in sound condition to counter the sunny days and wind.

Some of the salons and spas at Surfers Paradise are blessed with awesome and scenic views of the emerald green ocean. Also, some of the salons have recruited experienced technicians from Japan. So, if you have a craving for well-shaped gel nails, then these Japanese manicurists are there at Manicure surfers paradise to help you out.

Generally, it has been noted that a lot of people complain about having brittle nails after going through the process of manicure. This is because most of the salons believe in applying a great deal of gels on the nails. This results in the nails getting chipped off within a few days. Instead of looking shiny and polished the nails tend to look dry and dead.

However, clients who visit Manicure surfers paradise never undergo such gruelling after effects. This is because our manicurists do not believe in the notion of lacquering the nails of the clients with gel. Moreover, our Japanese manicurists apply the ancient process of buffing the essential nutrients and natural extracts into the nails, consequently reviving them with natural shine and polish. This is done by our experts at Manicure surfers paradise without using polish.

Surfers Paradise Manicure Procedure:


  • Sit back on an arm-chair and relax.


  • The manicurist prepares a mixture of glycerine, bee wax, lanolin, natural silicon, paraffin and squalane.


  • Next, the technician deftly rubs your nails with the paste.


  • By and by, the nails absorb the mixture.


  • The entire process is repeated thrice till the nails start glowing and look brilliant.

Our Japanese experts at Manicure surfers paradise are capable of giving French manicure look to your nails.

Consequently, you would observe that the Japanese technique of massaging inculcates in rigorous blood circulation in the nails. Also, nails tend to grow faster than before.

Also, you could opt for any kind of beautiful nail art to ornate your nails. At last, you are ready to display your lovely manicured nails to your friends.

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