30 Aug August 30, 2014

Wonders of Manicure Gold Coast

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                                                  Wonders of Manicure Gold Coast

If you have been experiencing stabbing reminders of the fact that your nails badly need a proper treatment, then Manicure gold coast is the right option for you. Prolonged negligence of nails is not to be indulged in by anyone. I am sure that you too must be aware of the fact that well-shaped nails serve as vital fashion accessories. So, welcome to the world of Manicure gold coast.

Manicure Gold Coast

Many people nurture the misconception that beauty is attributed to a person’s face and figure and that nails are primarily overlooked. In case, you too have been entertaining such ideas, then you are sadly mistaken. Nails ought to look at their best since they add to your persona. After all, people should form an ill opinion about you by seeing your unkempt nails.

Now, when you start looking for a salon which offers enhanced treatments for nails, you must not forget that Manicure gold coast is staffed by experienced and well-qualified technicians in this field. Our technicians are deemed for using premium products and never give a chance to the clients for any kinds of complains.

We are proud of proclaiming that Manicure gold coast has dispelled the myths related to the use of gels. Our gels are capable of giving excellent shine to the well-shaped nails, thereby resulting in fantastic outcomes. Also, we give prime importance to quality and hygiene. So, once you are with the technicians of Manicure gold coast, be assured of the fact that you are in safe hands.

Now, when you make up your mind about going ahead with Manicure gold coast, just fix a prior appointment with us. We are available on all the 7 days of the week since our salons are bustling with clients. However, you need not worry about being rushed into a hurried and shabby treatment. Manicure gold coast ensures that all the equipments are properly cleaned and sterilized after each client leaves. So, you just need to feel relaxed during an appointment with us.

The process of doing manicure remains the same in most of the beauty salons. However, Manicure gold coast ensures that its customers get paramount satisfaction out of its services.



  • You need to choose the type of manicure, be it French, coloured, gel or acrylic.


  • The primary step before adopting any kind of manicure is to remove all the traces of previous nail polish.


  • This done by using a cotton ball, nail polish remover or some other chemical which is able to dissolve the nail paint. In most of the nail polish removers, Acetone, an organic compound is an important ingredient.


  • Since Acetone is a highly inflammable compound, Manicure gold coast takes care to ensure that removers are not kept near the objects which might generate sparks or fire.


  • Once the nails are clean, a nail file is used to shape, shorten and smooth the rough end. Manicure gold coast encourages its technicians to use emery nail files since they are comparatively less abrasive.


  • Once the nails are filed the cuticle softner is applied on the nails.


  • Cuticle softner rejuvenates the skin though it might sting in a few cases.


  •  Clipping is done with the help of scissors.


  • In case, you want to have French nails, gel would be glued to the tips of your nails. These are filed to get desired length and shape.


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