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before and after care for your Brazilian Waxing Gold Coast

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Things you should do before and after your Brazilian Waxing Gold Coast


Going in to a Brazilian Waxing Gold Coast Salon can be daunting.

Brazilian waxing involves removal of hair from some of the most sensitive and delicate parts of our body, and while it is absolutely necessary to look your ultimate best in sexy bikinis, it can still be painful and worrisome, needing the best professional care.

However, there are many steps you can take as well to ensure that your Brazilian Waxing Gold Coast experience is completely positive and minimally painful.

In Brazilian Waxing you remove hair from the creases of your back and your thighs, as well as the hair from your pubic regions.  This means that you will be trusting an external professional to treat these private and vulnerable areas of your body with diligent care.

So step number one to ensure before going in for Brazilian Waxing Gold Coast is to find the best waxing salon to offer quality assured professional waxing services.

Once you have determined that yes, the Gold Coast Brazilian Waxing salon you have picked out is indeed reliable and safe and trust worthy, at this point you need to think about what you can also do on your side to make the waxing experience as smooth and neat as possible.

So here are some tips and tricks for the ladies out there on what to do, and what not to do before and after a Brazilian Waxing job, to get the ultimate satisfaction at your Brazilian Waxing Gold Coast Salon!

What to do Before going in for Brazilian Waxing Gold Coast

Mind you pubic hair length before going for a Brazilian Waxing.  If your pubic areas are completely untouched and a mass jungle of pubic hairs, the experience might be rather unpleasant for you when getting a Brazilian wax.

The wax strips need a minimum of one cm length of hair to grip on to in order to rip it off in one go!  If it is any shorter than one cm of length, the wax strip will not be able to hold on to the thick stemmed small hair shafts properly.

In this case, repeated application of wax and wax strips will be needed to get rid of the hairs there completely.  Repeated ripping like this in such sensitive regions can ultimately be painful to borderline agonizing, and may even cause rashes and red color, extremely uncomfortable burns!

So tip number one, allow your pubic bush to grow a little before going in for a Brazilian waxing gold coast.  But not too much!  Too thick a pubic hair is also going to cause great pain when getting ripped off and hinder the process.

The best would be to ask the salon waxing professionals themselves to trim your bush a bit before starting on the Brazilian waxing gold coast!

Cannot stand pain?  Try numbing it a little!

It is a common practice for women going in for Brazilian Waxing to take a few numbing pain reliever medications, or to rub numbing localized topical solutions such as Pan-Dol on to their pubic regions before starting in for their Brazilian Waxing Gold Coast Salon.

Perhaps try taking a few Advils as well before going in for your waxing treatment.

Do not go in for a Brazilian Waxing Gold Coast Session, if your genitals are sunburned, if you have recently been injured or abraded skin in that region, or during your menstrual cycles.

In all these times, you will be doing more harm than good!  Sunburn and injuries make the skin there flaky, and the waxing strip will rip off skin along with your hair!  Also, menstrual cycles lead to slight swelling of your labia and vaginal regions, and make the area more sensitive.

Brazilian waxing during such times can lead to extreme pain and a bad experience.

Last, but not the least, do not be shy to bare all and ask the relevant questions to your waxing professional.  Brazilian Waxing Gold Coast professionals see hundreds of clients a day and are very helpful and matter- of- fact in any doubts or apprehensions you might have!

Things to do after your Brazilian Waxing Gold Coast

After your Brazilian Waxing treatment, do not immediately do anything that will lead to perspiring in those inner regions or expose the newly waxed skin to sun bathing or sun tanning procedures.

Right after a wax, the skin is tender and delicate for up to forty eight hours.  Hence, you need to take more diligent care of the skin in that time to avoid any painful rashes from forming, and other bad complications such as in- growing of hairs, post waxing allergic reactions, and so on.

So for the first two days after a Brazilian Waxing Gold Coast salon visit, do not do any heavy working out that causes sweat to gather in your inner thigh regions.  This leads to bacteria accumulating there due to the sweat and can cause many allergic and inflammation conditions.

Another important thing to note is do not wearing extremely chafing and tight fitting clothes for up to twenty four hours after a Brazilian Waxing job on the Gold coast.

It may lead to abrasive reaction with the tender skin of your groin and pubic regions, and can cause rashes and clothes abrasions.

Save on sun bathing or sun tanning for after at least forty eight hours post Brazilian Waxing on the Gold Coast.  Wearing Bikinis can be alright, but it is still better to at least wait twenty four hours after a Brazilian Waxing job to wear a tight fitting bikini that bares your skin to all the elements.

Another important pro tip is to avoid direct touching of the newly waxed regions till the tingly feeling stops – that is, for up to seventy two hours post your Brazilian Waxing Gold Coast Salon visit.

Our hands have a variety of bacteria that can lead to infections or rashes developing on the skin which is already vulnerable and tender due to the Brazilian Wax treatment.  So avoid touching the smooth area too much right after the waxing!

Mind the proper pre- and post- Brazilian Waxing Gold Coast Tips, and get the best results for your bikini season!

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