10 May May 10, 2014

Korean Cosmetics

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Are you after premium Korean Cosmetics cheap in Australia?

Not only can you buy Korean cosmetics in our shop in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, but we also have a popular online presence and we offer FREE POSTAGE WITHIN AUSTRALIA to all our customers who make a purchase from our website. We do this for the same low price of $25 in store because we want to ensure every Australian can get the same great deal when it comes to the Premium ICS Koran Cosmetic range. korean cosmetics gold coast Korea has long been at the forefront in Cosmetics in the beauty world, and many experts have acknowledged and made claim that Korea is now the new Paris or New York when it comes to the major world players in the skin-care range and variety. Korean Cosmetics have recently become well sought after and respected. At ICS Hair and Beauty Salon on the Gold Coast, we are proud to say we stock our own in-home ICS Korean Cosmetic Skin Care range. We were selling these on Ebay to an unbelieveable and fantastic response. We thank you to all our long term customers and your wonderful feedback. We know you enjoy using our ICS Korean Cosmetics because you keep buying them! BUY KOREAN COSMETICS ONLINE STORE Our ICS Cosmetics that we stock are a wide range and include:

  • Korean Snail Cream
  • Moisturising Cream
  • Korean Eye Crean
  • Korean Anti-Wrinkle Masks
  • Korean Snail Masks
  • Acne Cream (customer could not believe how well it worked!)
  • Korean Hydrating Cream
  • Korean Time Essence Cresm
  • Pore Minimizing Cream
  • Korean Caviar Cream
  • And many, many more. Please visit our online store to browse what we have available.

We have a very good relationship with our factory over in SEOUL, Korea. Korean Cosmetics are truly magnificent value for money when compared with their western counterparts. Make a purchase at our online shop, www.icscosmeticsaustralia.com and have one of our many items for just $25 delivered, or if you can, come in store and experience and test the wide range we have in stock today. Please call, TEXT 0416 667 689 or email us at [email protected]

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