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Bikini Wax Surfers Paradise

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Get rid of the unwanted with the bikini wax surfers paradise!


Get ready for to hit the beach with the bikini wax surfers paradise, the solution to the removal of your unwanted hair. Unwanted hair growth can be quite a problem holding up your plans of hitting the beach, in your favorite bikini. It does pose to be quite a problem for some, making it hard to flaunt their perfect body.

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bikini wax surfers paradise

Bikini Wax Surfers Paradise in our ICS Salon Orchid Avenue

When it comes to bikini waxing, it is natural for you to be quite picky. You surely would not want to trust everyone, with your sensitive area down below! The ICS hair and beauty has the perfect solution, for all your waxing needs. Some of the best features of bikini wax surfers paradise you are most likely to enjoy are:

  • Painless hair removal.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Trained and friendly staffs.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Easy appointments.

Removal, the pain-free way!

If you are new to the world of bikini wax surfers paradise, it is quite natural for you to be quite skeptical with the process. After all any mistreatment to your sensitive areas are bound to hurt, quite a lot! However, the ICS hair and beauty uses the advanced IPL hair removal process. The IPL or Intense Pulsed Light process ensures you get the best removal, without the pain.

No extensive care required – bikini wax Surfers Paradise

Many bikini waxing techniques have to be followed up with some intense care, after you are done with the wax. At the bikini wax surfers paradise you can get a hassle free waxing, perfectly suited for a busy lifestyle. Thus giving you low maintenance wax, without the need for any extensive after wax care.

Get the best Bikini waxing experience!

You can not only get to experience a First in class waxing session, but also a warm hospitality with it. The bikini wax surfers paradise staff are quite well trained and helpful, ensuring you get the best experience with them. The IPL technology and the friendly staff together make sure you get pampered, right up to your expectations.

The staff at work has adequate knowledge about the various skin types and waxes, so as to ensure that you get the perfect treatment suited for you. Also the service is quite fast, making it a point that you have to do less of waiting to get your job done.

 Bikini Wax – Surfers Paradise – Styles

bikini wax surfers paradise

bikini wax surfers paradise

Ensuring standards of hygiene

Imagine having to walk into a wax bar with others hair all around, pretty gross right? You need not worry about those at the ICS hair and beauty. The standards of hygiene and cleanliness maintained at the bikini wax surfers paradise are quite up to par, making it a pleasurable experience. The sheets and towels are periodically refreshed, making sure you get a crisp clean experience.

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You can get to enjoy the bikini waxing at quite affordable rates, the pricing of the packages make sure that it stays easy on the pocket.

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You can easily make an appointment with them over the phone, or leave them a text on the number. You can reach out with any queries regarding bikini wax surfers paradise at 0416 667 689 or mail them at their email, for a prompt reply!

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